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Hope Beyond Illness – MS

Hope Beyond Illness – MS

Shuli and I met through our love for the great teacher of Strategic Therapy,  Cloe Madanes.  Cloe had seen the draft of Shuli's book and my film and knew we needed to meet.  Her book that documents her recovery from the illness of MS, made it to  best seller list on...

Sheena Grobb – MS

Sheena Grobb – MS

Summary Now a singer, songwriter and motivational speaker, Sheena was diagnosed with MS at the age of 16. She was loosing the use of her hands when she discovered a turning point outside of conventional medicine and now lives symptom free. Get Out Alive (Official...

Dr. Terry Wahls – MS

Dr. Terry Wahls – MS

Summary Dr. Terry Wahls  healed herself from MS and went on to become a Best Selling Author with her well researched book about how she did that:   The Wahls protocol.  She hosts on line classes to connect with you if you wish to join The Wahls Warriors and find...

Rachelle Breslow-MS

Rachelle Breslow-MS

Summary  - Rachelle Breslow Now in her 80's, Rachelle healed from MS 30 years ago. Her book is personal, easy to read, packed with wisdom that will support you on a difficult journey. Who Says So? This is Rachelle's  Story: Who Said So? A Woman's Journey of...

News on Healing

Four  minute exercise to boost your health

Four minute exercise to boost your health

Build Mitochondrial Health in four  minutes a day?  Try this three minute work out 3 times a day. Another good doctor -  Zach Bush, MD leads this three minute work out.  We are busy people, but even a short workout adds zing to the start of the day.  Keep your coffee...

Judi having a good time

Judith Morrow’s Inspiration

While I was shocked and dismayed by what I was discovering, I chose to focus on telling a story hope, showing the simple actions people can take to take back their own health. -Judth Morrow