“A terrific documentary. Heather understood – what I have come to understand. By attending to health promoting behaviors, she set the stage for the cells to slowly repair and rebuild. We need to make the environment as good as we can for our cells, and allow the self correcting physiology of our cells begin the magic”

Terry Wahls MD., Professor of Medicine, Iowa University Author Best Seller, “The Wahls Protocol

“Inspiring and motivating! Whether trapped physically or mentally, Heathers ourney shows us that we have the power to change our mind, body and spirit. It inspired me! The gem of this film is that it can be anyone. You feel hope”

Lupe Padilla Mitchell, Quality of Life Coach

“After watching your film my mom has taken a proactive ap proach to letting herself take time off work, and off stress. She took 6 months off being a lawyer and may just stop working all together. She is currently vacationing around. Thanks so much for sharing the film with me – I think she knew what she had to do but felt burdened by her responsibilities and now she is rest ing up. Thanks again!”

Ben Mullinkosson, Director “What I Hate About Myself” Best of Fest at Thin Line Documentary Festival

“It’s wonderful! Congratulations! I’m organizing a Coaching Networker Symposium and I want to invite you to present it. You are actually the first person I am inviting. Great work! finally was able to watch the film. It’s wonderful! Congratulations!
Great work!
Big hug!

Cloe Madanes, HDL, LAC, World renowned teacher of family and strategic therapy, Robbins Madanes Training Center

“I received the DVD a while ago but waited with my reaction. I wanted to watch the film with my husband first. I think you made a wonderful docu mentary about Heather. It’s a story about friends , support from others, na ture and in the end it’s all about love. I wish you luck and thank you for this great story”

Kind regards

Leonoor Van Kuyk, Netherlandsr

“A beautiful and important film. Very inspiring for everyone!” Beautiful film! Thank you for telling this story so sweetly and compassionately. This work is so very important and mean ingful and inspiring. What a powerful voice you are in a movement that is all about waking up, the power of the hu man spirit to overcome adversity, and getting us back to “wellness and vitality” –by changing the way we treat our selves and each othe”

Donna Lynne Larson, Director The Walk, Talk, Dance and Sing, The Hashimoto Project

“WOW. I loved the story. It was very satisfying to watch as someone who has had a similar journey, and the same hard-won lessons. There is indeed a very important tipping point ahead! Heartfelt thanks to you!! Bravo!”

Donna-Lynne Larson, Owner/Creative Director “Walk Talk Dance Sing” w: www.studiowild.ca p: 604-771-5683 e: [email protected]

“Wow, what a fantastic job you did! I must say I am impressed, but not surprised by all the awards you have received. Your work is superb. Aside from the content, the photography and story line were terrific. The content was inspiring and mirror what I have believed for a long time. Our bodies are designed to be healthy and given the proper nutrition and mindset we can be. The film has given me some fresh perspectives and direc tions to proceed. Thank you so much for producing this film. Any ideas you or Heather can share will be greatly appreciated. I wish I could get your film into the hands of everyone with MS. I believe it would give them hope and a direction in which to trav el. Keep up the great work “

Frank Nanney

“I just watched the film … wow!! what a great journey, a thrilling and in tense documentary! Great images, fantastic storytelling, superb commen tary and voiceover!!! is there a longer version than the 30 min one?
This is a kickoff for me to finally start my film with my brother michael,who is handicapped.”

Lots of love from Germany. Be proud!!

“Executive Producer, Boomerang Film Production ps just sent it to a good friend suffering from MS as well”

Andreas Knuffmann

“The doc looks great, sounds great and tells a fascinating story. The product is so good that you can feel truly satisfied.”

Arthur Schafer, Phd, Medical Bioethics, U of Manitoba

“Powerful,” Sister Theresa Feist, Teacher of Natural Healing”
“It was fantastic. I was impressed not only with Heather’s story, but by the way you managed to present it. It flowed well, was beautifully shot, it was a great story, and it left a lot to think about. You have a lot to be proud of!.”

Suzanne Newman, M.D. Women’s Health Clinic, Winnipeg

“The story carried a great deal of impact for me. The visuals were absolutely magnificent. (So glad I can watch it in high def inition format). I feel so peaceful while watching it. I’ve been watching it almost every night before I go to bed. So many parts of the film touched me. I have struggled with Muscular Dystro phy for 28 years. This renewed my strength.”

Linda Jones, Iowa

“An inspiring and beautiful story … focuses on one woman’s journey. Balanced and well done. You have made a beautiful piece that suits you and Heather and will be inspirational for many people who are facing struggles in their lives.”

Ellen Karr, Director, Multiple Sclerosis Society

“The Healing of Heather Garden was one of the most inspiring films I have ever seen. It was an honor to screen.”

Wes Benton, Producer,, Co founder Sun & Sand Festival, Producer & Owner Red Planet Entertainment

“The Healing of Heather Garden’ is really inspiring. It meets people at many different levels – nutrition, retraining the muscles by moving them in salt water, and my favorite – Belief. Of course they are all true. Nicely crafted! I really like it!!!”

Greg Marsh, BetterEyesighNow.org

“Your film is drawing out the arguments against adopting a tra ditional medical model of health, and ignoring the wider and al ternative models of health such as holistic well-being, self-effi cacy, self determinism, and psychology. I also believe that some of our current medical frameworks are too narrow and outdated.”

Emma Patricio, Meta Health University

“It was such an enlightening and uplifting story. Made us really, really think about the root of real medicine and what we put into our bodies.”

Kyle Sierens, Web Desinger & Catherine Paquin, Veterinarian

“The whole theatre sat in silence through the credits and after. I am still at a loss for words. These women chose a path against the flow and gained a healthy life. It is a moving documentary. Thank you is not enough, but words are all I have. Heather’s story has been a catalyst for healing since I heard of it while it was in production, six years ago. I will be sharing the documentary with as many people as I can”

Shawna Peters, Body Talk Practitioner, Killarney, Manitoba

“I was smiling and crying through the whole thing. So glad you told this story”

Susan Snead, Photographer, Massage Therapist, Astrologer

“I found it very positive and encouraging. You did a good job, very well done. You’re very talented. I think you will be up against Peter Jackson next.!!!! I will lend it to some of my M.S. friends and hope it will strike a chord with them and give them encouragement.”

Karen Goddard, M.D., New Zeland

“After seeing the documentary about Heather’s healing, I wanted to reach out and say hi, and thank you. For years I have been afraid to share the reality of what my life has really looked like, afraid of being labelled, rejected, dismissed….under-estimated. I am just beginning this process of speaking out. Seeing your documentary has profoundly encouraged me. My story is oddly similar. I was diagnosed at 16 years old with relapsing-remitting MS. I too found my healing through alterna tive forms of wellness and lifestyle changes. I am 29 now and following my career as singer/ songwriter/ pianist and teacher.”

Sheena Grobb, Visionary Singer/Songwriter and Teacher Red Shoe Music Inc.
Email: [email protected]

“The film is so good….even though I had seen it many times, when in the theatre and watching it in its final form, I was quite moved in some of those scenes. I really liked the way you end ed it, especially with the last frames on Heather…. what an uplift ing finish. Bravo!”

Susan Kelso, Actress and Writer

“Fascinating! A great documentary.”

Dave Barber, Winnipeg Film Group

“We need people to put their time into things like this so we can get a new perspective. It takes people of vision to make a new way of seeing things. It was so…just so amazing. You must feel very gratified.”

Ethel McMillan, 102 years old

“I found your film fascinating. I loved the fact that it was done in such a peaceful way, very calm and easy to watch. It also recon firmed to me that I am on the right path to heal myself. Thanks for all your effort in sending me the video.”

Ursula Shbib

“I just finished viewing this documentary for the second time. I am so glad to have seen it a second time because I learned so much more. I bought the DVD because I want to view this amaz ing documentary many times as I know I’ll learn something new every time I view it. Congratulations on a great project.”

Pam Campbell

“It’s great film-making!! So wow huge congratulations to you, for persis tence and learning.”

Author and Environmental Activist, Guy Dauncey, British Columbia

“Amazing, inspiring and thought provoking. Heather’s story is one of unrelenting courage and sheer determination in the face of strong opposition and daunting physical challenges. I takes into account multiple and complex perspectives. I left the screening with hope for those who are challenged with MS and for those who search for alternative approaches to healing that which ails them.”

Sherrie Novak, Organizational Development Consultant

“Your documentary has been so inspirational. We have found ourselves on a new journey of surgery, treatment, support, faith, positive thinking, the whole nine yards. It doesn’t matter what the malady is, it’s the how you deal with it that mat ters, and that’s where you three amigos come in. Thanks to all three of you for sharing your story.”

Dj Lamb, Radio Announcer

“I thought the documentary was excellent. You took on a gigan tic task but did an incredible job conveying the determination and the hope… and the peace. For those who can make the in credible connection between body and mind and spirit, this is powerful stuff. Treating symptoms and ignoring causes and the ability of the body to heal itself are not doing us any favors.”

Mary Kalberg

“Congrats on a wonderful accomplishment. You kept everyone involved human, not “subjects”. You had lovely scene composi tion and time-flow, and to me, most importantly – you told a very complex and compelling story in a very simple and sympathetic manner without denigrating anyone in the process. You as sumed your audience would be intelligent, caring people and presented your documentary that way. Thank you. My only question would be “what’s next ?”

Sharon Grabowski

“A beautiful film! It was beautiful, positive, uplifting and thought provoking.”

Chris Graham, Teacher

“It was so clear and easy to follow what happened. The shots were beautiful. It is so full of information. I was blown away. What a wonderful achievement!”

Bernice Hemingway, Nurse, Mercy Ships.org

“An intriguing, beautifully filmed and told story.”

Jack and Nancy Binkley, Teacher and Real Estate Agent

“I thought it was quite good. It grabbed my attention and held it. The editing seems to be very well done. Music and landscape vey beautiful. I just wanted to let you know that I read your script when I got here and have been thinking about it ever since. I think it’s won derful that you are telling this story and bringing hope to people
who have been told they were hopeless.”

Lindsay Johnston, Nutrition Consultant

“Thank you for this beautiful, moving and informative documen tary. A great job of letting Heather’s voice come through, using your own just in the places needed to create the bridge, or pro vide a piece of background. I am sure there are many other sto ries like this. We need to hear about these to understand what is truly possible – if we can find the determination and courage to make the difficult choices that support our own health. I am so
glad for Heather that she had that tenacity, in the face of her many daily challenges. Her example brings hope to the rest of us”

Diane Kunec

“Thanks for the follow up – yes the DVD arrived this week. Showed that we are already on the right path to recovery with my wife’s MS and gave more inspiration to keep on the same path and few new ideas with walking in water and importance of managing stress.”

Cam & Tracey Evans

“I would like to thank you for your hard work and I am thrilled to let you know your film is officially selected to be part of the sec ond annual Chain NYC Film Festival! We are overwhelmed with the talent and couldn’t be happier to showcase your amazing film in our festival.”

Kirk Gostkowski Artistic Director Variations Theatre Group, Festival Director Chain NYC Film Festival

“It’s theme of hope in the face of adversity is universal”

Paul Rayner, Journalist Boissevain Recorder

“Just wanted to tell you we watched your movie last night as a family, it was very well done, very proud of you. Makes us all want to be healthier in our daily living.”

Vickie Morrow, Mother

“It was Tremendous! The cuts were so smooth, it flowed and kept you interested. You could tell a lot of work had gone into it. It was just so well done.”

Martha McMillan, Margaret, Manitoba

“If you know anyone with Multiple Sclerosis, this is an inspiring story of how one woman’s found a way to overcome her MS. Her holistic approach resulted in an outcome that was nothing short of miraculous.”

Rockin’ Ronnie Lindsay, CKUW radio show host

“The Screening of your film was truly special & beautiful in so many ways. I was absolutely blown away by many parts of the evening – particularly YOU! Your words were always so gracious & sensitive & respectful – in what you said in the introduction, your warm & genuine greeting & honouring of everyone, your answers to the questions and your beautifully honed script & narration.

The images in the film were amazing & gorgeous. The message of hope & possibility was so powerful. Seeing Heather in person & how vibrant she is was a perfect cap to it all! What a brave & beautiful accomplishment for you both. Thank you for inviting me”

Margaret Tobin, MSW, University of Manitoba, Human Relations Department

“How impressive!!! The film is ultra professional. I loved seeing it and so did the others!!! KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nancy Kelly, Teacher

“It was Tremendous! The cuts were so smooth, it flowed and kept you interested. You could tell a lot of work had gone into it. It was just so well done”

Martha McMillan

“The power of Heather’s spirit and her courage to take her own journey as she needed to do was inspirational.”

Monique Dorge

“A beautiful film! I really enjoyed it. Positive, up-lifting and thought provoking.”

Chris Graham. Teacher

“The musical was chosen with a good taste. The guitar sounds address the mood very well. I was expecting to hear the score written by one composer. In this case I don’t thing it is impor tant because the point of your film is to tell this fantastic story and the music keeps the emotion and the mood. Congrats again with your beautiful film!”

Martin Ulikhanyan, Composer Armenian Symphony Orchestra www.martinulikhanyan.com

“Thank you for being our guest today. I think everything worked out very beautifully and we can now better appreciate your own struggles and process in getting this film produced. You expressed your thoughts very well. I get the sense of all those healers out there and that is so fasci nating, like two parallel realities. Your film was work of love. I think it is a flash point film.”

Mary Jane. CKUW Radio Show host

“This film should be seen by everyone in the United States of America!”

Actor, Filmmaker Richie Jacobs

“A Heartwarming and encouraging story about a woman who has taken control of her life.”

Daniel Madrid, A.Sc. B.A. Certified Nutritionist

“The one thing I didn’t mention email was my admiration for your incredible determination to get this important project done, and for your openness to learning how to go about it.”

Norman Dugas, Filmmaker, Musician

“I am reading the story in the Free Press on your film and on Heather Garden! What super, super coverage. I hope you are feeling very proud!!! You really had to be tenacious to get that film done and now…! Wow!”

Karen O’Brian, Psychologist

“I thought your film showed to be a labour of love, and profes sional and I hope you are proud.”

Lisa La Bella, MD

“What a privilege to meet an amazing artist so full of light. Thank you for inspiring my day.”

Jordan Bellan, Yoga Instructor

“I was impressed not only with Heather’s story, but by the way you managed to present it. It flowed well, it was very beautifully shot, it was a great story, and,it left a lot to think about.”

Suzanne Newman. M.D., Women’s Health Clinic

“I have the greatest belief in you, that you are doing something special. I just got a shiver. And it is going to be very, very big.”

media name withheld

“Beautiful! You have done a great job!”

Brandon Ackerman, Filmmaker

“To my mind the film shows the medical industrial complex does not have all the answers. As far as Heather Garden was con cerned the treatment wasn’t improving things for her, may have even been destructive. A holistic lifestyle, does not necessarily mean any one type of lifestyle, but an understanding our your own lifestyle and what it is doing to you can help you with illnesses and cure things that would otherwise defeat medical science. She found a holistic comprehensive change in her life proceeded her miraculous re covery from something she was not going to overcome with regular treatment. Heather was a great subject for the film because not only did she not appear to come into it with any preconceived percep tions. She was confronting a crisis. And found a way. She is very personable, very likeable. It would be hard to pick a better sub ject.”

Victor Olson, Lawyer Merchant Law Group

“Congrats on a wonderful accomplishment. You kept all the people involved human, not “subjects”. You had lovely scene composition and time-flow, and to me, most importantly – you told a very complex and compelling story in a very simple and sympathetic manner without denigrating anyone in the process. You assumed your audience would be intelligent, caring people and presented your documentary that way. Thank you. My only question would be “what’s next ?”

Sharon Grabowski

“What a great piece of work…congratulations to you! You did an excellent job of MC-ing and I thought your narration of the doc umentary was well done. It was great to see Heather in real life…I only wish I had a chance to ‘hug’ her. Quite the story. Thanks for taking all the time and work to share it.”

Bonnie Madowski

“I hope amongst the many feelings you experienced tonight are feelings of pride.. Pride in your work & in the many friends you have cultivated over the years. Congratulations again!”

Ellen Kruger

“I really enjoyed the film. You did a nice job of telling the story using very effective images but at the same time keeping it kind of a mystery. Excellent editing. I was impressed with your nar ration – your voice was informative, authoritative but at the same time kind and caring. Also you did great job facilitating discussion at the end of the program; you have a nice stage presence.”

Ralph Brown

“I thought you were an amazing MC/producer/public speaker/crowd handler. I have a mystery illness. Even though I have gone from full health a cane to a walker, my gp has told me that this is ANXIETY. I disagree. I want to see your film again and I want to contact a number of groups that on your behalf.”

Petra Sumec

“We wanted to say how effective we thought your speaking at the theatre”

Ron and Wendy Anthony

“So proud of my friend Judith Morrow, she is totally community focused, she really makes the difference. Thanks Judy for show ing the path and healing compromise!”

Carlos Fernandez, University Counsellor, Mexico City

“This documentary is very interesting to me. I found myself in a similar position almost 2 years ago. I was diagnosed with igan nephropathy. My doctors told me “there was no cure or remis sion,” and, that I would be on a dialysis machine followed by a transplant within 5-15 years. I did research, changed my life style, weaned myself off medication. After about 8 months of this I was told it was gone into remission. Since then I have so
much energy that I have taken up running and cycling as a sport. I am signed up for a marathon. I am looking for a triathlon to run sometime soon as well.”

Kenny Smith

“Thrilling and intense.  Great images. Superb commentary and voice over.”

Andreas Knuffmann, Producer, Boomerang Films, Germany

“I was smiling and crying through the whole thing. So glad you told this story.”

-Susan Snead, Photographer, Massage Therapist, Astrologer

“ Entertaining and beautifully done.  This film is a must see for everyone interested in improving their health and for everyone working with patients to improve their health.

– Cloe Madanes, Phd Psych, Author President of (Anthony)Robbins-Madanes Training and Madanes Institute.

“This documentary is the best I have ever seen about recovery.  Short and factual. It is so relevant and precise in it’s details and information. Heather is an amazing person, adorable and funny!  In short, this documentary simply gives me hope. I hope you are able to spread this very uplifting piece of information to the rest of the world.”

-Kind regards & thoughts from Denmark,   Anne-Grete

An amazing, inspiring and thought provoking documentary.   Heather’s story is one of unrelenting courage and sheer determination in the face of strong opposition and daunting physical challenges.   

nner that took into account multiple and complex perspectives.  I left the screening with much hope for those who are challenged with MS and for those who search for alternative approaches to healing that which ails them.  

Sherrie Novak, Organizational Development Consultant

“A Heartwarming and encouraging story about a woman who has taken control of her life.”

-Daneil Madrid, B.A., Certified Nutritionist

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