Now in her early thirties and fulfilling her passion by raising three active children with her husband, while continuing to provide support to women with MS, Kim was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in October 2010. It felt like a death sentence.

She didn’t give in to her depression, but found a way to heal. Kim invites you to join her here as she helps other women fight the symptoms and progression of Multiple Sclerosis through a variety of ways. This site is specifically for women with MS who are determined to overcome their disease.

A word from Kim:

“Hello, I’m Kim. Welcome to MS Diet For Women!  The good news is that we can change the course of our disease by changing our lifestyles.  One of the main objectives of this website is to help you to achieve balance in your lives. I know how difficult it can be to find out what you need to know, especially after just getting diagnosed with MS. I want to provide a rich resource to other women MS sufferers, so that they are able to quickly get onto the right track to recovery. I can’t guarantee success but I believe this will be sure to help your journey with the illness.

So many women around the world are overcoming debilitating symptoms. This inspires me.    I wanted to create a site where women like me can connect, get quality information and become motivated to fight this disease together.   If you need to speak to me, please use the contact me page.   I really hope you get a lot out of the information, as well as the relationships you gain from this site. Please feel free to leave comments and contact me. I would love to connect with other women like me – it’s all about MS and helping each other!”