Now a singer, songwriter and motivational speaker, Sheena was diagnosed with MS at the age of 16. She was loosing the use of her hands when she discovered a turning point outside of conventional medicine and now lives symptom free.

Get Out Alive (Official Music Video)

A few personal words

I met Sheena at a screening of the Healing of Heather Garden. She came up to me and said, “I have always felt I had to tell my story. You have done that.  When I saw Heather’s story, it was my story.”  She later sent me the message below.

“Heather’s story is oddly similar to my story.  I had relapsing-remitting MS… I was diagnosed at 16 years old.  I am 30 now.   I too found healing through alternative forms of wellness and lifestyle changes.  I choose a stress free lifestyle, primarily (but not strictly) an organic/raw/vegan diet, yoga, meditation, Bio-Emotive processing, and a series of open minded, alternative healing modalities. I have been off medications I was put on at 16 – against my spirit’s will… Avonex, then Copaxone – for almost 3 years now and have been feeling better than ever.”

For years I have been afraid to share the reality of what my life has really looked like to my community of music supporters, afraid of being labelled, rejected, dismissed….under-estimated.  But I have since grown to understand the importance of sharing the journey I’ve been on… the hard fought lessons… the beautiful turning points of growth…. the reservoir of personal strength and healing I have discovered.  I am just beginning this process of speaking out, and seeing this documentary has profoundly encouraged me.  Thank you Heather for doing this. Sheena Grobb on her website

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singer/songwriter/public speaker/teacher….