Dr. Terry Wahls  healed herself from MS and went on to become a Best Selling Author with her well researched book about how she did that:   The Wahls protocol.  She hosts on line classes to connect with you if you wish to join The Wahls Warriors and find healthy habits that heal and prevent autoimmune disorders.

A few personal words about Dr. Wahls

Dr. Terry Wahls has a special place in my heart.  When a potential disaster was pending just after the film’s creation, I reached out to her.   “You Go Girl!” she said, and since that time has stood by me with her quick wit and strong spirit.  She is a doctor, researcher, author and writer for a life-altering blog.  She is fully engaged in saving lives through simple common sense methods.  Click on her link above to learn more. Sign up for her blog and get free information.   Her well researched, humorous and very readable best selling book on is The Wahls protocol.

Her ‘telegram’ sent to me at the Evening of Hope Event read: “Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and becoming severely disabled was a profound gift that I treasure because it made who I am today.  Being an academic internal medicine doctor I took the latest drugs and saw the best people at the Cleveland Clinic but continued to decline for 7 straight years.  But when I created a protocol using diet and lifestyle to create the healthiest environment for my brain cells, that is when the magic began.  Within 12 months I went from needing a tilt/recline wheelchair to get around, to being able to bike 20 miles with my family. Now I bike to work and conduct clinical trials testing the protocol I created in others and run a therapeutic lifestyle clinic to help thousands of others reclaim their lives too.

Her review “The Healing of Heather Garden”

“A terrific documentary.  Heather understood – what I have come to understand.  By attending to health promoting behaviors, she set the stage for the  cells to slowly repair and rebuild. We need to make the environment as good as we can for our cells, and allow the self correcting physiology of our cells begin the magic. The critics will say she never had MS.”

Dr. Terry Wahls, Professor of Medicine University of Iowa, Author The Wahls Protocol