How is Heather Now?

How is Heather Now?

It is hard to keep up with Heather through her busy life. In 2017, after her 50th birthday, Heather is working in the Produce Department at the local Co-op Food store.  Once a week she unloads the heavy boxes of produce. She was working a second job at the hospital, helping seniors in the palliative care ward, and still helps out on occasion.  She wants time for her house, her garden, her grandchildren, her children and her husband.  Her adult children have moved back to Canada and she can see them more often. Now she has grandchildren. Her dearest wishes are fulfilled.

Heather Did This So Others Could Feel  Hope

Heather,  a sensitive and private person, submitted herself to the intrusive nature of a camera into her family life.  She withstood probing questions into a painful past of suffering with this illness, as well as to my early mistakes while I grew into being a filmmaker.  She had to revisit details of her traumatic experience over and over through many interviews. Heather did this so others could feel hope.  When the movie was complete, she dutifully attended the first screenings in our hometown and nearby. Although tentative about seeing the past, she did enjoy the final result.

How can I speak to Heather or arrange an event with her?

While touched by her Award as “Woman of Inspiration of the Year” from the Women’s festival in Jakarta, Heather has moved on to a life not centered around her illness.  She is extremely busy – often asked to work extra hours at the personal care home.  If you wish to arrange an interview with Heather,  ask questions, or invite her to attend an event, please go through the  contact form on the website to ask questions or make arrangements.