Judith Morrow (that’s me) – was invited to an Awards ceremony, hosted by the King and Queen of Jembrana, to Bali, Indonesia – and couldn’t go.  I want to share this post with my diverse friends of all beliefs and cultural practices from around the world, both in gratitude for my past attendance at events of the Indonesian Festival Alliance, and my personal stand against narrow views that led to a senseless massacre in Canada Sunday night.

The Indonesian Alliance Festival Alliance, headed by Director Damien Demrata, supports mission- driven filmmakers who produce quality films.  Their experience of intolerance led to a believe in the role of films to educate and bring tolerance.

Awards Ceremony & Celebration of International Day of Tolerance – taking a stand for Peace after the Paris attack.

International Festival in Jakarta – happy moments at Filmmakers of the year, UN staff in background.

Artists, Government, Present Award.  Afterwards we Dine and Dance together.

“Auntie Judith” with Princess Arie and sister, exchanging gifts as they try to teach me their style. Still clumsy with the scarf.

Old Port Jakarta tour with Damien Dematra.

Introduced to prayers in Princess Arie’s mosque.

Dressed for dinner.

New best friends from US and Austria leave on Safari.

University of Indonesia, presents gifts for filmmakers.

University of Indonesia, presents gifts for filmmakers.

Photo op for high school girls after speaking engagement on Peace  and Tolerance tour.

Filmmakers Napat (Taiwan) and Fartook (UK, originally from Iran) and Judith enjoy a quiet moment After dinner with Editor of Kompass, south east Asia paper and wife Dedeh Kurniasih.

Singing in a bar in Old Jakarta visited by Princess Diana!

By the pool with new friend Sylvia Juanita.

Broadcast reach: 250 million people National Radio Indonesia.

Selfie time with singer / actress Natasha Dematra.

Red carpet, introductions on stage.

Visiting Central Jakarta with Director Jeremia Boitshok from Botswana.

Director Sameh, Salem of Egypt “Ailia” enjoys evening tea before returning home.

Old Jakarta bar and celebrity photos who visited before us in background.

Popular Actress Rorofitra, learned the term boy-girl.

German Producer Andreas Knuffman, Directors Joyce and Jimmy Wing, Directors Teresa Mular, Mark Ang, and Director from Syria and Judith Morrow enjoy.

Press conference at the Russian Embassy.

“Peace” a few days after the Paris shootings of 2015, filmmakers toured high schools in Jakarta, Led by their principal they held up hands in the peace symbol and shouted to the world.

Dear Mrs. Judith,

Congratulation to you as a Platinum Winner.    As one of our winners, you now have the privilege to participate in Film Festival Alliance member festivals  with your winning film.  Hosted by the Kind and Queen of Jembala, Bali, the Award Ceremony will be conducted in Bali on January 13-17, 2017.