• “The Healing of Heather Garden”

    Tells of a journey from permanent disability, with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, to full health. Today, eleven years after she regained her ability to walk unaided Heather remains in vibrant health.


  • What Others Are Saying

    “Solid storytelling about an issue that effects us all. Discussed clearly and poignantly.”

    - Noah Erenberg, Director Community News Commons, Independent Filmmaker

    “Clear and easy to follow what happened. The shots were beautiful. It is so full of information, I was blown away.”

    - Bernice Hemingway, Nurse, Mercy Ships.org.

    “A Heartwarming and encouraging story about a woman who has taken control of her life.”

    - Daniel Madrid, A.Sc. B.A. Certified Nutritionist


    - Sister Theresa Feist

    “Inspiring and beautiful. Focuses on one woman's journey to healing.”

    - Ellen Karr, MS Society

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